mediafire's problem

i know recently mediafire is giving some problems for our downloads.

"the problem is that i downloaded most of it with MF and it gave me only "file" for file type. (that's why HJsplit doesn't work)"


acutally, to solve this problem, what you can do is just rename the file you've d/l-ed with the name that is given frm MF.

something like "#006 mma subbed.avi.001"
soshite, "#006 mma subbed.avi.002" etc.

it should then join properly. hees. if you have any other questions, feel free to comment here and i'll do my best to help you ne. *smiles*


i'll be back!

hello people!

i know i've been missing for almost a month here. i'm truly sorry for that. the fact is, i've been really busy with my assignments, group projects, camps and stuff. but fret not! my holidays is in one week time and ressure i'll be back with more mma subs, like twice a week!

hehe, so do look out for them ne. (=